The USS Firestorm (NCC-144017-F) was an Avenger-class starship in the early 25th century, and the eighth starship to bear the name, albeit only seventh to bear her registry number. She was commanded by Fleet Admiral Nat Wallace, but was recently crippled by an anti-Borg energy pulse and was repaired and partially rebuilt, and is now under the command of the admiral's former first officer, Captain Jim Dennison. (Earth Spacedock)

History Edit

The Firestorm was constructed as a replacement of her previous incarnation, and served with distinction in the Iconian War. (Earth Spacedock)

Starship Layout Edit

Bridge Edit

The main bridge is more compact than those of larger starships, but none-the-less contains the requirements of typical starship bridges. The viewscreen as also been stated to be breakable, and is thus in physical form of one kind or another.

Battle Bridge Edit

The vessel contains a secondary bridge, also known as the Battle Bridge, for the event the main bridge is destroyed. Said secondary bridge is normally guarded by MACOs, but may have less security during emergencies. While the consoles here can access most secondary systems, including transporters, access to critical systems is withheld without the proper access codes.

Other Facilities Edit

While most Starfleet vessels are built for exploration, the Firestorm was instead built for wartime operations. Recreational facilities and the like are fewer in number than normal, as are scientific facilities, although the labs in question are still very advanced and fully capable. Additional bunk space for special forces is also available.

Technology Edit

The USS Firestorm is one of the most advanced Federation battlecruisers in existence at the time, and is armed with powerful weapons, as well as defensive systems. She was also enhanced with Borg technology, with the downside of anti-Borg technology and weapons having greater affect on the ship, as a recent anti-Borg pulse cause the systems in question to be destroyed, said systems being replaced with more typical equipment when the vessel was repaired. (Earth Spacedock)

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