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The USS Gemini (Starfleet Registry NCC-1795-B) is a Federation Oberth-class starship.

One of the last of her class. She was launched from Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards in 2368 after her predecessor, the USS Gemini-A (also Oberth-class) was destroyed in the Battle of Wolf 359.

She spent most of her early years exploring the further regions of space, under then Captain Oliver White.

In 2373, she took part in skirmishes in the Dominion War and in 2374 played a part in the First Battle of Vulcanis.

In 2375, the war ended and the Gemini was reassigned to her exploration missions.

As of 2376, she was due to be decommissioned and her captain, now Admiral Oliver White, was to be placed at the academy as an astrometrics instructor.

Under the request of the Admiral, she was spared decommission and is used by the academy as a training vessel.

Toward the end of 2379, while the USS Enterprise-E was undergoing repairs after the battle with Shinzon, the Gemini launched on a training mission with the Admiral and his top class. The mission was to escort colony ships working on a new colony on the edge of the Alpha Quadrant.

Once work on the colony had begun a previously unknown spacial rift opened, pulling in the entire fleet, sending all the ships to the Zeta Expanse, forcing the Gemini back into service.


  • Length: 120.25 Meters
  • Beam: 55.73 Meters
  • Decks: 11


  • Crew Compliment: 80
  • Maximum sustainable velocity: Warp 9.6
  • Absolute maximum velocity: Warp 9.71 for 20 minutes
  • Maximum exploration endurance: Warp 5 for 3.3 years
  • Recommended yard overhaul: 25 years
  • Standard 6-person transporters: 1
  • Emergency 22-person transporters: 2
  • Cargo transporters: 2

Tactical SystemsEdit

  • Shield output: 9.3 x 10~5 kw
  • Directed energy weapons: 2 Type X phaser arrays
  • Maximum phaser power output: 5.1 megawatts
  • Maximum phaser range: 275,000 kilometers
  • 2 Mk 95 quantum/photon torpedo launchers - 1 fore, 1 aft
  • Torpedo explosive yield: 47.4 isotonnes
  • Torpedo spread: 2 per launcher
  • Maximum torpedo range: 4.05 million kilometers
  • Torpedo load status: 30 Type II quantum torpedo warheads

Auxiliary VesselsEdit

  • Type 9 Shuttlecraft: Leonardo (NCC-1795-B/01)
  • 15 Shuttlepod: De silva (NCC-1795-B/02), Bradley (NCC-1795-B/03)
  • Workbees: 2(unnamed)


  • Commanding Officer: Captain James Ferrier
  • First Officer: Lieutenant commander Radon Bahat
  • Operations Officer: Ensign Zev
  • Chief of Security: Ensign Leanne Henry
  • Chief of Science: Ensign T'vahn
  • Helm Officer: Ensign Thomas Felyar
  • Chief of Engineering: Lieutenant Harley Taylor
  • Engineering Officer: Ensign Tol Vonlar

Related PersonnelEdit

  • Rear Admiral Oliver White

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