The USS Hathaway (NCC-2593) was a Constellation-class exploration cruiser on active Starfleet duty in the 23rd and 24th centuries. Though its keel had been laid down as early as 2276 (TOS novel: Honor Blade), it wasn't launched until 2285 from Luna's Copernicus Ship Yards.

Hathway's first commanding officer was Paul Freeman, with Saavik serving as first officer. (Orion Press: Chekov's Enterprise, "Freefall")

In 2288, the Hathaway rescued victims of the T'crala disaster. (Ship Recognition Manual, Volume 4: Starships of the Original Series Era)

Hathaway was originally assigned to the Seventh Fleet until at least the 2290s. Sal Johnson, son of Commodore Barry Johnson, was a Hathaway officer in the early 2290s. (Star Trek: Avenger: "Aftermath")

Along with other ships of the Sixth Fleet, Hathaway was tasked with the exploration of the Beta Quadrant on a seven-year mission at the beginning of 2296. (Orion Press: "New Orders")

The Hathaway was decommissioned and abandoned in the Braslota system by 2364, when it was reactivated for war games with the USS Enterprise-D, and later played a role in the Klingon Civil War. (TNG: "Peak Performance", "Redemption, Part II")

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The Star Trek Encyclopedia suggests Anne Hathaway, wife of William Shakespeare, as inspiration for the starship's name.


In Star Trek: The Kearsarge Chronicles, the ship was said to be named after Ellen Hathaway, a Federation Council President of earlier in the 23rd century.


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