The USS Horizon (NCC-91901) was a Emperor-class Starfleet explorer starship commissioned in 2382 into the Starfleet Fourth Fleet as part of the Horizon Project. (Star Trek: Pioneer: "For Better or Worse"; Star Trek: Far Horizons)

The Horizon ProjectEdit

In late 2382, the Horizon was outfitted with a new folded space drive, which in the vernacular was called a jump drive. This jump drive was a pet project of Admiral Thadius Rutledge, the commander of the Fourth Fleet. He specifically requested the Horizon to test the new drive. ("Horizon")

In early 2383, Admiral Rutledge (with the help of Admiral Pavoc's aide, Lieutenant Janice Pelar) assembled a crew for the Horizon, which he then took to Deep Space Five before setting out to begin testing. ("Dawn")

Test flightEdit

The test jump to the Dallos Cluster was successful. However, the crew encountered an advancing fleet of Breen ships. As a result of being attacked, Commander Keller ordered the Horizon to jump with only stage one of the drive's power charge complete. The ship became lost with all systems fried. ("Jump")


After a series of uncontrolled jumps, as a result of the damage from the Breen attack and some unusual anomalies, the Horizon appeared in the Treelan system, where the crew met a hospitable race. Before the jumps, Commander Keller named Lieutenant Colonel James Morgan the executive officer, and Lieutenant, j.g. Carmen Gomez the acting chief engineer. ("Stranded")

The Horizon was attacked by a massive hive ship of the Avkon Conglomeration. Six crewmen from an away team on PM45 were abducted, and three were killed. ("Conglomeration")

Safe harborEdit

The Horizon encountered the Sanctuary Outpost, which offered to repair the ship and treat the injured crew. ("Sanctuary")


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