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USS Hornet (NCC-1714) was a Constitution-class heavy cruiser in Starfleet service during the second half of the 23rd century.

Alternative continuities[]

Delta Dynamics[]

The original configuration of the Bonhomme Richard subclass

Constitution Flight III

The USS Hornet (NCC-1714) was a Constitution-class heavy cruiser (of the Bonhomme Richard subclass) in Starfleet service during the mid- to late-23rd century. By 2265, all Bonhomme Richards (of the three types) had been upgraded to the Constitution Flight III standard. (Star Fleet Starship Recognition Manual: Report #298: Constitution Heavy Cruiser)

Lexington Adventures[]

Sophea Bennington Fox served on a refitted version of the Hornet in the mid-2270's. (The Lexington Adventures)

Orion Press[]

In 2275, Hornet was sent to maintain a permanent vigil over Serenidad after the planet's liberation. (Orion Press: "Aftermath")

During the Kelvan War, Hornet was one of the Starfleet vessels assigned to Task Force Four. After engagements with the Kelvan invasion force, it survived until the arrival of Task Force Six. (Orion Press: In Harm's Way)

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The USS Hornet is a longtime chapter of Starfleet International. At some point, the club changed its fictional metaphor to that of a Galaxy-class explorer, USS Hornet (NCC-1714-D).

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