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The USS Horwitz (NX-17411) was a Defiant-class starship assigned to the Typhon Expanse in 2403. (Typhon Station)

In 2403, the USS Odyssey was trapped in a wormhole that jumped the ship forward to 2413. In this timeline, the Federation was engaged in a civil war. The Horwitz was a then newly-build vessel christened USS Victorious. Victorious was commandeered by members of the Odyssey crew, and transported back to 2403. During this time, the ship was under the command of Lieutenant Commander Michael Patrick

Rechristened USS Horwitz, the ship was assigned to Starbase 185 under the command of Captain Valentin Nym. Since the ship had come from the future, it was decided that it should remain in the hands of a crew that was familiar with its provenance. The library banks of Horwitz that referred to future events were voice locked by Nym and Patrick.

Horwitz commandeered again by rebel forces in 2404, under the influence of the Borg. She was severely damaged by the USS Odyssey in a battle in the Ladon system. Starfleet decided to decommission and scuttle the vessel.

The ship was rechristened in memory of Barbara Horwitz, founder of Typhon Station

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