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The USS Hunter (NCC-79105) was a Highlander-class Federation starship in service during the late 24th century. (Delta Fleet)

The Hunter was commissioned in 2373 on stardate 50512.5, under the command of Captain Thomas Halloway. Shortly after launch, the Hunter was sent through the Delta Wormhole to defend the colony of New Terra in the F'asa sector of the Delta Quadrant.

When Captain Halloway fell into a coma after an encounter with a malevolent force known as The Entity, command of the Hunter fell to Captain Katherine Forbes. After the Entity's departure, the Delta Wormhole became unstable, and the Hunter and her flotilla were stranded in the Delta Quadrant. (Where Angels Fear)

Ensign Alan Taylor was assigned to the Hunter as a junior science officer before her departure for the Delta Quadrant, and eventually rose to the position of Chief Science Officer.

Lieutenants Tagar and Tom Decker also served aboard the Hunter.

Lieutenant Scott also served aboard the Hunter very briefly before being transferred off, his last posting was on-board the USS Phantom with a current rank of Commander and serving as the ships Chief of Operations and second officer.

Over the next several years, the Hunter defended New Terra during conflicts with the Ssorans and Falcarians, and served as flagship of the Delta Fleet.

Following Forbes' promotion to the Admiralty, Captain Amathus Bre'Nazari assumed command of the Hunter.

Background information[]

  • Originally a member of the email division of the Starfleet Simulation Group (SSG), the USS Hunter was the first PBEM sim that Tim Morgan joined, in 1997. After a change in command, he left the group in 1998, but always remembered the Hunter fondly.
  • In 2001, the Hunter and several other sims left SSG and formed the Delta Fleet (PBEM).
  • An earlier name for the Hunter was Avatar.
  • The Hunter was designed and modeled by Mark Kingsnorth, based upon the Nova-class design at the back of the Star Trek TNG Technical Manual. He also wrote the back story to Thomas Halloway and participated in the early days of the Sim.

External links[]

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