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Introduction and Overview[edit | edit source]

Dedication plaque

The USS Intrepid (Starfleet registry NCC-74600) is a Federation Intrepid-class starship. The first of her class, she was launched from Earth Station McKinley on 12 January 2371, and continued to serve as a testbed for new technologies, including the Emergency Medical Hologram, until late 2372, shortly before the outbreak of hostilities with the Klingons.

In 2382, under the command of Captain Talath, the Intrepid was assigned to the Chiron Colonial Convoy. Star Trek: Intrepid, "Heavy Lies the Crown")

The motto on the Intrepid's dedication plaque is a quote from author Arthur C. Clarke: "The only way to discover the limits of the possible, is to go beyond them into the impossible."

Alternate histories[edit | edit source]

Dimensions[edit | edit source]

USS Intrepid and convoy in orbit of Chiron IV.

  • Length: 344.42 meters
  • Beam: 133.42 meters
  • Height: 66.35 meters
  • Decks: 15
  • Mass: 700,000 metric tonnes

Performance[edit | edit source]

  • Crew complement: 152
  • Maximum evacuation limit: 2000
  • Maximum M/AMRA power output: 4000 teradynes per second
  • Maximum sustainable velocity: Warp 9.984 for 12 hours
  • Absolute maximum velocity: Warp 9.992 for 20 minutes
  • Maximum exploration endurance: Warp 6 for 3 years
  • Recommended yard overhaul: 24 years
  • Standard 6-person transporters: 2
  • Emergency 22-person transporters: 3
  • Cargo transporters: 3

Tactical Systems[edit | edit source]

USS Intrepid fires on a Surai scout ship.

  • Shield output: 9.3 x 10~5 kw
  • Directed energy weapons: Thirteen (13) Type X phaser arrays
  • Maximum phaser power output: 5.1 megawatts
  • Maximum phaser range: 300,000 kilometers
  • Four (4) Mk 95 quantum/photon torpedo launchers - 2 fore, 2 aft
  • Torpedo explosive yield: 52.3 isotonnes
  • Torpedo spread: 4 per launcher
  • Maximum torpedo range: 4.05 million kilometers
  • Torpedo load status: 100 Type II quantum torpedo warheads

Regenerative, multiphasic shielding systems are designed to exceed 9.3 x 10~5 kw primary energy dissipation rate, and incorporate full metaphasic capability on demand. All tactical shielding has full redundancy, and auxiliary systems can provide 75% of primary rating. Type XII phaser array elements have a power output of 7.2 megawatts. Each quantum torpedo launcher has a maximum spread of four. Usual storage complement is 100 quantum torpedo warheads. One hundred and fifty standard torpedo casings are stored aboard, and these may also be utilised as probe casings. Additional casings may be fabricated as required, assuming the necessary raw materials are available.

Auxiliary Vessels[edit | edit source]

  • Type 9 Shuttlecraft: Reyga (NCC-74600/1), Nazca (NCC-74600/2)
  • Type 11 Shuttlecraft: Dathon (NCC-74600/3)
  • Type 16 Shuttlepods: Ballard (NCC-74600/4), Forrest (NCC-74600/5)
  • Aeroshuttle: Gabriel Bell (NCC-74600/6)
  • Workbees: 4 (unnamed)
  • 6 person ASRVs: 42

Personnel[edit | edit source]

An away team from the Intrepid beams down to Chiron IV.

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