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The USS Ixion was a Federation starship in the 24th century which was stolen by artificially created aliens, but later retrieved by Starfleet. Upon its return, it was heavily refitted into a Saber-class starship. With this re-launch, the Ixion switched to being assigned to Task Force Zeta, under the general command of Starbase 78. (Star Trek: Phoenix-X)

History[edit | edit source]

In 2375, the Ixion was one of seven ships in a small task force assigned to the Flortarios system to protect against the Dominion. The Ixion and its crew were at Flortarios III when all the captains of the task force became hostages at a reception to terrorists. ("The Bajoran Trove")

Shortly after the Dominion War, the Ixion was put to deep space assignments. In 2377, while on a mission, the Ixion attempted to take down the USS Phoenix-X with other ships of the task force when the Phoenix-X was taken over by alien influence. ("Loyalties, Part I")

In 2380, the Ixion stopped off at Starbase 78. There they picked up Doctor Lox and brought him to an uninhabited planet renamed Eluvae Part II. The ship kept orbit as Lox used DNA samples to bring an extinct civilization back to life. Unfortunately, the humanoid group of this civilization, dubbed the New Eluvae, stole the Ixion on two consecutive occasions. The second time, they were successful and they transported the Starfleet crew off the ship to safety. The hijackers then escaped with the ship to explore the galaxy. ("Civilization")

Saber-class[edit | edit source]

Sometime on or before 2390, the Ixion was recovered by Starfleet, left, seemingly, abandoned by its previous hijackers. It was then refitted into an Ixion-class starship by Traveler Wayfar and Captain Yelg, using space/time altering techniques. ("For the World is Worldly and Such")

The Ixion was re-assigned to Task Force Zeta, where it would perform menial tasks for the group and Captain Aeris. In 2390, the Ixion assisted in fighting a divergent-Hirogen threat to the Federation. ("Into Harshness")

Command crew[edit | edit source]

  • New Eluvae hijackers:
    • Jerrod
    • Morlani
    • Serath
    • Porta
    • Tsent
    • Fetoy
    • Nelana
    • Vert

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Background information[edit | edit source]

Excalibur-class starship

  • The Ixion was described as an Excalibur-class starship in photos and description in its bio on previous incarnations of the Star Trek: Phoenix-X website. The ship as an Excalibur-class was never mentioned in-story, but was said to have been refitted from a "previous class" in "For the World is Worldly and Such".
  • The USS Ixion was named after Ixion, the father of centaurs in Greek mythology.

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