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The USS Joseph Kittinger (NCC-22800) was an Excelsior-class variant Federation starship in service during the 24th century. (Star Trek: Outpost)

In 2364, the ship was under the command of Captain Iridian, while serving as the flagship for Task Force 51, and Admiral Bartholomew Thomas. During that same year, The Kittinger and her accompanying Task Force paid a visit to Deep Space 3. The reason for the visit, officially, was for minor engineering repairs. However, the actual reason for the visit was the Admiral wanted to ensure a safe and nuturing environment for his recently graduated nephew, Ensign Randy Thomas

Kittinger had been described as the "Modern marvel of engineering" by former crewmember Neela Gliss.

Engineering crews from the Kittinger were involved in a forensic exam of the Oberth-class starship USS Chimera. The purpose of the exam was to investigate the Chimera 's use of unauthorized technology. Their initial attempts resulted in an accidental weapons discharge by Chimera. The Admiral himself ordered the exam halted and placed the engineering crews under the command of Chimera 's Chief Engineer, Master Chief Burt Knox, to repair the damage from the exam. Though no useful information was gleaned, Kittinger 's Chief Engineer, LCDR Watson, was impressed with the skills of Chief Knox.

Starfleet ordered Kittinger and TF51 back to Earth when Starfleet Command Admiral Andra Voychellis informed Admiral Thomas the Tzenkethi were on the verge of a new offensive. At the request of DS3 station commander Captain Montaine Buchanan, the Admiral gave transportation to the Captain's yeoman, Avery Tovar-Smith to be with his critically ill sister.

  • Commanding Officer: Captain Iridian
  • Chief Engineer: LCDR Watson
  • Engineering Officer: Montebank
  • Engineering Officer: Silverman

Background[edit | edit source]

The ship was named after Joseph Kittinger, a 20th-century United States Air Force officer who held the records for longest, fastest and highest skydive; as well, he was the first man to cross the Atlantic Ocean solo in a gas balloon and was held as a prisoner of war during the Vietnam conflict.

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