The Saladin-class starship USS Justice (NCC-556) was commissioned in 2284. Many different crews have manned the ship of that time.

Crew manifest[edit | edit source]

Early voyages[edit | edit source]


Captain Edward Tunis.

Tales of the Seventh Fleet mission[edit | edit source]

The famous mission time period of 2289-23xx:

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E[edit | edit source]

CWO Enigma.

  • Chief Warrant Officer Enigma (Communication Specialist)

L[edit | edit source]

Doctor Valerie Lupia.

P[edit | edit source]

SCPO Viktor Pima

  • Sr Chief Petty Officer Viktor Pima (Engineering Specialist)

S[edit | edit source]

Commander Stoeffles.

W[edit | edit source]

Lieutenant Woods.

  • Lieutenant Williams (Science Officer)
  • Lieutenant Donald Woods (Navigator)

Unnamed crewmembers[edit | edit source]

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