USS K'HIg'Den's Lair (NCC-0021), nicknamed The Lair, was a Klingon B'rel Class Bird-of-Prey that was captured by Starfleet Academy cadets Higdon, Kijo and K'Cire during a rescue operation of the Great Epetai, the mother of the Crown Prince, Kijo, also known as the Empress of the Cha'ouw Empire.

The Emperor had initially present Higdon with the captured Bird of Prey, but Higdon politely declined due to the fact he as a citizen of the Federation he was only doing his duty as a Starfleet officer and, besides, he was only helping his friends, Kijo and K'Cire. The Emperor made Higdon and any members of his family citizens of the Empire but honored Higdon's request.

It was used by the Cha'ouw Imperial Star Fleet until 2377 when it was transferred to the Special Imperial House of K'HIg'Den to be used as the flagship of the new commander of Starbase Rockford. Kijo named it after the name Higdon used while undercover as a Klingon during the rescue mission - Higden, Son of Er'aL, of the House K'HIg'Den.

Higdon would used The Lair mostly for transport between Starbase Rockford and the Cha'ouw Homeworld, although he would also use it in special assignments.

Sometime before 2390 the Lair was either retired or some other catastrophe occurred where it would be replaced with the new CIV K'HIg'Den's Lair by the Cha'ouw Empire. Starfleet Fleet Captain Thomas Moore is

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