The USS Leonardo (NCC-1454) was a Shanks-class light cruiser active in the 23rd century. (Jackill's Reference Guide: Ships of the Starfleet)

On 14 February 2293, USS Challenger encountered a lifeboat belonging to Leonardo. Its lone occupant was Lieutenant Commander Mary McManus, Challenger 's former chief engineer. The ship then proceeded to Leonardo 's last reported position in the Tikun Olam system to investigate the fate of the Leonardo. (Star Trek: Challenger Chronicles: "Return")

Background information[edit | edit source]

While there is a USS Leonardo in the list of Shanks-class light cruisers in Jackill's, the authors of "Return" chose the name since the Toms River, New Jersey-based USS Challenger, a chapter of Starfleet International, is not far from the town of Leonardo, New Jersey.

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