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The USS Leviathan (NCC-93151) was a Miranda-class starship in service to Starfleet during the 24th and 25th centuries.

The Leviathan was launched in 2392 and decommissioned in 2409 after 17 years of service. It was commanded by Masc Taggart from 2402 to 2409, Jason Fredricks in 2409 (until being decommissioned), and Jarek Davis very briefly in 2409.

It was refit in 2408 with improvements to its warp drive, among other things. (Star Trek: Federation Legacy)


Command crew (2409)[]

Command crew (pre-2409)[]

  • Captain Masc Taggart – commanding officer
  • Commander Henry Fuller – executive officer (briefly)
  • Lt. Commander Travis Murray – chief medical officer
  • Lieutenant Mars Lionel – chief engineer
  • Ensign Jason Fredricks – tactical officer
  • Ensign Koja Nara – operations officer
  • Ensign Marvin Pierce – flight control officer

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