The USS Lexington (NCC-1709) was one of the first twelve Constitution-class starships produced.

Christopher Pike served aboard Lexington at some point before taking command of Enterprise. (TOS novel: The Children of Kings) Lee Kelso also served on Lexington early in his career. (TOS novel: My Brother's Keeper trilogy: Constitution)

Under the command of Commodore Robert Wesley, it is best known for its participation, along with the Excalibur, Potemkin, and Hood, in the disastrous war game test trials of the experimental M-5 computer in 2268. (TOS: "The Ultimate Computer")

The Lexington had a registry of NCC-1703 in Star Fleet Technical Manual.

The Lexington was refitted in 2271 and continued to serve for a further 27 years before she disappeared in 2300. (Ship Recognition Manual, Volume 4: Starships of the Original Series Era)

USS El Dorado, USS Excalibur, and USS Lexington were assigned to the 378th Cruiser Squadron in 2283 during the Klingon Empire's Taal Tan Offensive. They engaged a battle fleet of nine Klingon vessels. Excalibur and El Dorado sustained damages in the attack, but the Klingons were beaten back across the border. (The Taal Tan Offensive)

Assignment patch[edit | edit source]

The assignment patch for Lexington from its commissioning (c. 2245) through the Fleetwide adoption of the Enterprise delta shield in the 2270s was a black-bordered gold circle superimposed on two ovals, within which would be the Command, Sciences, or Operations symbols in black; or the Medicine symbol in red. (Starship Farragut: "A Rock and a Hard Place") During his tenure as Lexington 's commanding officer, Commodore Wesley was wont to wear the Starfleet Command insignia on his uniform. ("The Ultimate Computer")

Alternate continuities[edit | edit source]

Star Trek: Avenger/Star Trek: Accord[edit | edit source]

Circa 2280, Lexington was commanded by Captain Robert C. Hess. An Ensign Shappe was assigned to the ship in this year and became interested in transporter technology. (Star Trek: Avenger personnel files)

Star Trek: Lexington (United Trek)[edit | edit source]

Commodore Robert Wesley took command of the USS Lexington in 2265, replacing Heihachiro Nogura who had just been promoted to Admiral and reassigned to Starfleet Command. On its first mission, while investigating the disappearance of the scout ship USS Voltaire the Lexington simultaneously encountered an alien anomaly and engaged in battle with a Klingon battle cruiser. (Meet the Lady)

With its new commanding officer and crew, the Lexington seeks to carve out its own reputation on the wild frontier of the expanding Federation.

The Lexington Adventures[edit | edit source]

In 2272, Lexington was refitted to Enterprise-class specifications but was relegated to being a testbed immediately after refit to resolve critical issues and shortcomings in the class. When released from testbed duties, she was assigned to another 5-year mission. Upon her return, she was relegated to Sol system training missions along with Enterprise.

After the Whale Probe Crisis of 2286, Lexington was decommissioned and donated to the Starfleet Museum as a museum ship. A new Lexington, the USS Lexington (NCC-1709-A), was launched after the original Lexington was retired.

Orion Press[edit | edit source]

Captain Ronald Canfield was in command of Lexington in 2275 when the ship encountered a gravitic minefield while on patrol near Starbase 27. (Orion Press: "Until We Meet Again")

Paradigm Shift[edit | edit source]

Number One was offered command of the Lexington in 2261, which she turned down. (Paradigm Shift: "No Small Dreams")

Fan organizations[edit | edit source]

A USS Lexington was a chapter of Starfleet International based in New Jersey in the 1990s.

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