Star Trek Expanded Universe

The USS Lowell (NCC-664) was an Oberth-class surveyor that saw service with the Federation Starfleet during the 23rd century. (Ship Recognition Manual, Volume 4: Starships of the Original Series Era)

In Orion Press continuity, the registry of the Lowell was NCC-655.

From 2288 to 2290, the Lowell surveyed the spinward regions of the Federation for colonizable planets.

Lowell investigated the wreckage of a Promellian battlecruiser found by the USS Enterprise-B in 2294. (Orion Press: Chekov's Enterprise)

Michael Delaney had been assigned to the Lowell prior to his service on the USS Potemkin. (Project Potemkin: Doctor's Orders)


The ship was named after the American businessman, author, mathematician, and astronomer Percival Lowell (1855-1916).