The USS Mariner (NCC-94253) was a Federation star cruiser under the command of Captain Jenan Gage. Mariner was part of the Omega Squadron, a fleet of starships tasked with protecting the safety of the Federation-Romulan border. Mariner was the first ship from this squadron sent deep into the previously unexplored sectors formerly under strict control by the Romulan Star Empire. (Mariner)


Mariner Crew 1

Crew of the USS Mariner

Mariner had a standard crew of around 700 personnel.

Senior staffEdit

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  • Deck 1: Bridge, Ready room, Briefing Room,
  • Deck 2: Senior Officer's Quarters
  • Deck 6: Shuttlebay Observation
  • Deck 7: Main Shuttlebay (extending up to Deck 6)
  • Deck 8 & 9: Shuttle Garage (located directly below the shuttlebay)
  • Deck 8: Sickbay, Counsellor's Office
  • Deck 9: Science labs, Stellar Cartography
  • Deck 10: Ten-Forward Lounge
  • Decks 10 & 11: Cargo bay
  • Deck 11: Hydroponics, Phaser Systems
  • Deck 12: Sensors, Secondary Navigational Deflector Dish
  • Decks 12 & 13: Forward Quantum torpedo Launcher
  • Deck 16: Main engineering, Secondary Sickbay
  • Deck 22: Antimatter containment (extending up to Deck 20, with a catwalk on Deck 21)

Technical featuresEdit


  • Length: 685 meters
  • Decks: 24
  • Mass: 3 200 000 metric tons


The starship features computer systems using both traditional isolinear circuitry and bio-neural circuitry to improve performance.


Along with traditional thrusters, impulse engines, and warp drive, Mariner was equipped with a fully functional quantum slipstream drive. The starship used this technology to get back to Federation territory from deep within Romulan space.


Mariner was equipped with quantum torpedoes and tetryon beam arrays. Tetryon beams are blue in color and penetrate enemies' shields more quickly due to the subatomic nature of their particles. Since these particles are a property of subspace, they become highly energetic when they are extruded into normal space.

Auxiliary craftEdit

USS Mariner Shuttle 01

The Sutherland

Mariner had a variety of auxiliary craft including a captain’s yacht, shuttles, fighters, and at least one all-terrain buggy.

  • Captain’s yacht
  • Shuttles
    • Sutherland (NCC-94253/1)
    • Fontana (NCC-94253/2)
    • Sternbach (NCC-94253/6)
  • Fighters
    • Menosky (NCC-94253/7)
    • Rivera (NCC-94253/9)
  • All-terrain buggy

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