The USS Melbourne (NCC-62043) was an Excelsior-class Starfleet starship in service during the mid-24th century.

In 2364, the Melbourne, along with two other starships and the USS Enterprise-D, were docked at Starbase 74. Due to her repair status, the Melbourne was unable to pursue the hijacked Enterprise-D. Starbase 74's commanding officer, Orfil Quinteros, attempted to rush the repair schedule to get the ship ready to pursue, but the situation remedied itself before the Melbourne was finished. (TNG: "11001001")

The Melbourne stood with 40 other Starfleet and Klingon ships against the Borg at the Battle of Wolf 359 in early 2367. Borg cutting beams destroyed the attacking ship's saucer section. (TNG: "Best of Both Worlds, Part II"; DS9: "Emissary"; VOY: "Unity") The USS Saratoga reported on radio chatter during the battle that the Melbourne was "down" after her saucer section had been destroyed. (Star Trek: The Prospect Chronicles: "The Burnt Child")

One of the Melbourne's crew was Lieutenant Gregory Bergan. (VOY: "Infinite Regress") Two other Melbourne officers were Corey Aster's parents Lee and Amy Aster, both of whom were assimilated by the Borg before the Melbourne's saucer section was destroyed. (Star Trek: Hidden Frontier; Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions: "Dream a Little Dream of Me"") Another victim was the grandfather of Gilad Ronson. Vice Admiral Jonathan Hanson was also aboard. (The War of the Masters: "The Silence Ends")

During a lecture in her naval history class in 2407, Tyria Sark described the loss of the Melbourne as an example of what not to do when fighting the Borg, calling it a "classic failure of a complacent peacetime Starfleet". Her student Gilad Ronson reacted angrily to this and attempted to storm out, but was ordered by Sark to return to his seat. Sark then explained that Starfleet had learned many lessons from the Melbourne's loss. (The War of the Masters: "The Silence Ends")

Embarked craft[edit | edit source]

Melbourne had at least one shuttlepod aboard her, named Soong. (Chance Encounter)

Star Trek: False Vacuum[edit | edit source]

The Melbourne was launched in the late 2290s and took part in both Operation Tyr and the First Battle at the Grave of Thoughts. Its registry was NCC-2043 and it was slated for retirement before its destruction during the Battle of Wolf 359. (Star Trek: False Vacuum: "Pothole Omnium")

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