The USS Monitor (NCC-63645) was an Akira-class starship that saw service with the Federation Starfleet during the 24th century.

The Monitor had its own Starfleet Special Operations detachment, Rapid Response Team 59.

She took part in the Dominion War ad sustained very heavy damage toward the end of the Dominion War, forcing her to be in port for several months for repairs; shortly after she arrived at Utopia Planetia for repair, the war ended. She was refitted and relaunched in early 2376. Many crewmembers transferred to other ships within the same squadron while the Monitor was still in spacedock.

The Dominion War cost Science Officer zh'Lenthar and Security Officer Leah Steinberg their lives. Lieutenant Enrique Mendoza was mistaken for his Founder copy and was shot by Ensign Gabrielle Madden, who later took her own life.

After the Monitor was in spacedock, Chief Medical Officer Doctor Yungchen Tsering, Lieutenant Therav th'Shan, now former Mission Officer for the Rapid Response Team, Ensign Eden Harmon of Security and Engineer Lieutenant Commander Tov glasch Mor all transferred to the newly-commissioned USS Tethys.

Lieutenant Junior Grades Raymond Quinn and Sadik, of Security and Ops respectively, both transferred to the USS Takeda Shingen.

Captain Hayashi Masaru was promoted to Rear Admiral and given command of Gamma Squadron, the group of ships that included the Tethys, the Monitor and the Takeda Shingen.

Former Chief Tactical Officer Donald Fergus was given a general court martial and was found psychologically unfit for duty, and was discharged from Starfleet.

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