The USS Monitor (NX-74206) was a Defiant-class Federation starship in service in the late 24th century. Commissioned in 2371, she was the second ship of her class. (Shatnerverse novel: The Return; Star Trek: Pendragon)

In 2371, under the command of Captain John Lewinski, the ship served with Starfleet Special Operations, and responded to Borg activity at New Titan. The Monitor was temporarily renamed Enterprise during a covert mission to the Borg homeworld. In a subsequent battle, the Enterprise/Monitor destroyed the Romulan warbird Avatar of Tomed. (Shatnerverse novel: The Return)

In late 2375, the Monitor was fitted with a recovered Borg transwarp drive and was lost with all hands while conducting tests on her transwarp drive traveling between Starbases 324 and 718 with a skeleton crew of thirty-eight, twenty of whom were warp engineers/specialists. While conducting the tests the Monitor was swept into intergalactic space between the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies 350,000 light-years from the Milky Way with an inoperative transwarp drive and a centuries long return trip home, at warp speeds, ahead of them.

The Monitor spent three years between the galaxies. In 2378 (on stardate 55600.7), the Monitor encountered a phenomenon the crew dubbed "The Distortion" (later revealed to have been a "projection" of the Totality) and relayed a burst transmission to the Federation by way of the Kelvan expeditionary mission return probes warning them of the threat of the Distortion. The Monitor was presumed lost with all hands. (Shatnerverse novels: Captain's Peril, Captain's Glory)

Pendragon timelineEdit

During the so-called Federation Civil War, the Monitor was part of the "patriot fleet" that opposed Admiral James Leyton. She participated in both the Second Battle of Deep Space 9 and Operation Return. (Star Trek: Pendragon)


  • Note that the ship's registry number was not established in the novels, and comes from Star Trek: Pendragon.

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