The USS Neosho (NCC-74747) was a Danube-class runabout, an auxiliary craft for the USS Hastings and the USS Baldwin. It was the preferred auxiliary craft of Baldwin captain Patrick Ingrum. (USS Baldwin)

Neosho was modified by Bridget to travel at speeds up to warp 9.3 safely. (USS Baldwin: "The Return of Khan")

Neosho was the vessel assigned to Patrick Ingrum on his mission to salvage the possessions of his late parents, and was the vessel he was on when he found Baldwin adrift in orbit of Aloran IV. (USS Baldwin: "The Find")

A flashback scene in Wild Roses confirmed that Neosho was assigned to the Hastings

Patrick used Neosho on occasions when he was goaded to personally go head-to-head with Khan Singh.

Khan has done so three times, in "The Return of Khan", "Storm Front", and "Evolution".

Patrick also implemented a Interphase cloaking device on occasion, most notably by phasing and unphasing Neosho so that Khan literally was backed against Neosho's hull. (USS Baldwin: "Storm Front")

On stardate 52201, Patrick used the Neosho to shuttle him to Starbase 375 for a debriefing. Neosho came under attack by Dominion forces and was forced to crash-land on a nearby class-M planet. (USS Baldwin: "Healing Link")

The runabout was recovered and eventually placed back into operation. It was used, along with sister ships Ninnescah and Verdigris, in a live-fire test of the modified shields against the Breen weapon. (USS Baldwin: "Resolution")

In April, 2376, Laura Bennett and Stephanie Taylor used Neosho to search for their missing captain (USS Baldwin: "Infinity"). Later that year, Patrick and Bridget used the Neosho to search for and study an anomaly in the badlands. It was on this mission that Bridget told Patrick that she was pregnant with their first child. (USS Baldwin: "Boats to Build")

In April, 2377, Patrick used the Neosho to shuttle him to Deep Space 9 to attend a meeting on security issues. (USS Baldwin: "Frontiers"). Two months later, during Baldwin's refit, the life support systems failed in an attempt on Patrick's life. Patrick, along with the crew working aboard the ship at the time, escaped in Neosho, using the interphase cloak to exit the ship without having to open the shuttlebay doors. (USS Baldwin: "Reaction to Action")

In August of 2377, after arriving on earth with the lost ship Discovery and her crew, Patrick took the children of Discovery to the surface of Earth on the Neosho (USS Baldwin: "Against the Wind")

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