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USS Nomad (NCC-1805) was a Constitution-class heavy cruiser in Starfleet service during the late 23rd century. During her operational lifetime, she was deployed to the Starfleet Twelfth Fleet.

Nomad's first commanding officer was Captain Michael Malotte.

Fan organizations[]

Nomad was a chapter of Starfleet International based in Leavenworth, Kansas, beginning in 1992. It had been launched as a shuttle (i.e., chapter-in-training) of the club USS Stargazer, based in Kansas City, Kansas, in 1991. Michael Malotte was the first chapter president, followed by Ken Janasz, Carl Johnson, and P.J. Trotter. Malotte became chapter president again in 2006, and oversaw the chapter's disbanding.

The chapter's original fictional metaphor was that of a Constitution-class (refit) heavy cruiser (1991-1997), then was changed to that of a Nomad-class exploratory cruiser (1997-2006).

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