The USS Odin (NCC-1875) was an Avenger-class heavy frigate active in at least the 23rd century. (Ships of the Star Fleet, vol. 1 [revised])

This ship may exist in an alternate timeline from that of USS Shadowstar, a vessel of the same class that had the same registry number.

Circa late 2285, Lieutenant Seiji Mori had been piloting a Rogue Star-class EXF-E9 experimental fighter when he crashed into the flight deck of the Odin. Mori was killed in the crash, which was attributed to a faulty sensor lock mechanism. (Federation News Service 2:1)

Chaym Gale' Re'ming'ton of USS Avenger served on Odin as a medical technician from 2287 to 2289. (Star Trek: Avenger: "USS Avenger Character Profile: Chaym Gale' Re'ming'ton")

Odin was commanded by Captain Mark L. Haynes, ca. 2290. (Star Trek: Avenger)

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