The USS Olokun (NCC-93794) was a Federation Ushaan-class escort active in the early 25th century. (Bait and Switch)

The Olokun is most likely named for Olokun, a figure in Yoruba mythology.

History[edit | edit source]

In 2409, Olokun was assigned to the Eighth Fleet. Late that year, Lieutenant Commander T'Var, formerly the operations officer of the USS Bajor, was given the vessel as her first command. (Bait and Switch)

In 2410, Olokun was one of five ships in the Eighth Fleet to survive the unit's attempt to intercept an Undine fleet headed to the Sol system intact. T'Var's ship was subsequently assigned to fly escort her former CO in an attack on an Imperial Starfleet base in the Arawath system. Olokun scored partial kills on at least two enemy ships but suffered severe damage from an enemy Armitage-class escort carrier. With the rest of Bajor's escorts caught out of position, T'Var was forced to use Olokun to block an enemy Defiant-class from ramming Bajor. Only seventeen members of her crew reached the escape pods before the collision destroyed both vessels. (The Wrong Reflection)

Olokun was to be succeeded in name by the USS Olokun-A, an Avenger-class starship that was nearing completion. ("To Absent Friends")

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