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The USS Pacific (NCC-201) was a Earth Integrity-class starship on duty in the year 2200. (Pacific 201)

For at least her initial mission, a survey of the Indira Anomaly (identified in 2198) outside of Federation space, Pacific carried a mix of Earth Starfleet (military) and UESPA (scientific) personnel. (Down to Earth with Zach Jasper)

The ship's motto was "Astra Sunt Mare Nostrum" ("The stars are our sea.")

Officers and crew of the Pacific[]

Earth Starfleet Command[]

  • Admiral Allcaster (Convincing An Admiral)

Earth Starfleet Intelligence personnel[]

  • Commander Huey Bruno

Specifications of the Pacific[]

  • Length: 251 m
  • Beam: 157 m
  • Height: 103 m
  • Ship's complement: 280
  • Armaments:
    • Four phase cannon turrets
    • Four torpedo tubes (2 fore, 2 aft)
    • 20 Mark III VLS (for hyperatomic missiles, probes, and escape pods)
  • Defenses:
    • Graviton deflector grid
    • Polarized hull plating
    • Electronic warfare suite
  • Warp engines: warp 6 capable matter/antimatter core; two GFD drive nacelles
  • Impulse engines: Four Mars 3 impulse engines
  • Auxiliary craft:


The ship was named after Earth's Pacific Ocean.

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