Star Trek Expanded Universe

This was a PBEM sim that orignally was part of the Starfleet Simulation Group (SSG) and later Delta Fleet (PBEM)

Command Crew

  • Commanding Officer: Captain Reena Harras
  • Executive Officer: Commander Sokket
  • Chief Opertions Officer/Second Officer: Commander Jarod Scott
  • Ships Counsellor: Leearia Frios

Last Storyline

The last storyline was titled "Full Circle" which was designed to be PBEM's last storyline. The storyline featured heavily Cpatain Harras, Admiral Custle (the PBEM's primary Antagonist) who blamed Harras for the death of his daughter and wanted revenge and Commander Scott. Both Harras and Scott had been prisonsers of Custle for around 3 months and 3 years respectively during which time they where subjected to various methods of torture as such one of the themes was recovering from that ordeal.