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The USS Pioneer (NCC-1084) was a Nova-class Starfleet scout vessel part of Starfleet Third Fleet in service since at least 2378. (Star Trek: Pioneer)


The USS Pioneer's original mission was the exploration of the Oralian sector, but with the outbreak of the Coalition War the Pioneer has been in service for the war effort against the So'ja.

Service during the Coalition War[]

At the onset of the war, the Pioneer was one of the few ships to which the newly resurrected MACOs were assigned. The ship carried a MACO detachment from 2381 to 2382, when Starfleet Command deemed the MACOs would better be served aboard large vessels engaged in planetary surface-based conflicts rather than space battles, which were more common for the Pioneer. ("The Hornet's Nest")

In late 2382, the Pioneer was part of the Federation expedition force that participated in the Battle of Minark. ("Torment and Woe")


The ship has been under the command of Captain Benjamin Kelsoe since 2378. Commander Connor Burt was the executive officer of the Pioneer from 2378 to 2381. Commander Robert Tuff became the ship's executive officer in 2381. ("The So'ja Incident", "Everything Changes")

From May to July of 2381, the USS Pioneer was under the command of Captain Timothy Franco. ("Fall of the Apollo" through "Everything Changes")


In 2381, after the terrorist attack during the Oralian Peace Conference, the Pioneer was given a full refit by the engineering staff of Deep Space Five. The refit included a new science lab, an up to date sickbay, and a new security command center for the tactical officer and the security personnel of the ship. The crew was very pleased with these additions. ("Security Threat", "Almost Paradise", "Prime Target")

In 2382, the Pioneer was upgraded with Deflective hull plating while in dock at Deep Space Five. ("For Better or Worse")


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