The USS Pretoria (NCC-84361) was an Eclipse-class starship in the late 24th century. (Star Trek: Pretoria)

USS Pretoria was commissioned on the 18th of March 2384 by Starfleet Command and launched at a ceremony held at the Millennium Tower (the amazing 8 000 foot high tower located at Victoria Falls) on Earth.

Captain Rakurai Stryker and his crew is notable for many famous tales over the last six years.

18 Type 12 Phaser arrays
4 Forward Burst Fire torpedo launchers
3 Aft Burst Fire torpedo launchers
Payload: 800 photon torpedoes + 400 Quantum Torpedoes

Mission Docket
The USS Pretoria (NCC-84361)'s Primary Mission is that of Explorer and Heavy Cruiser as needed.

The Pretoria can also be called upon for Escort, Science Missions, Medical Transport, Cargo Transport and acting as a Fleet Command Vessel.
Specializations: Specializations Search and Rescue

Current Mission: Exploring new sectors in the Alpha Quadrant, the Seraris Regions.

Prior to the first official starship Pretoria launched on 28 February 2249, the name was shared by a Schooner-Barge, Naval Accommodator, Frigate, Submarine, Halfway Station, not including the RMS Pretoria Castle and HMS Pretoria Castle.

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