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USS Riverside (NCC-1660) was a Constitution-class heavy cruiser on active duty in Starfleet during at least the late 24th century. (Starfleet International)

In 2287, Riverside — whose initial command team was Captain J. Schulte, commanding officer, and Lieutenant Arps, executive officer — was deployed to the Starfleet Sixth Fleet.  Subsequently, the ship underwent changes in executive officers, including T'Plon, Commander B. Doddema and Commander C. Pittarelli.  Their second officer and head of the enlistment group was Lieutenant T. Schulte

Around 2288, a secondary crew was established under the name of Lobo Group as the USS Riverside's main depatch shuttle crew.

Riverside was called back to Riverside Shipyards for retirement after a severe battle in 2290. However, over a year later, in late 2291, Starfleet Command reconsidered its decision to retire the Riverside and repaired all damage to the vessel.  Command was given to newly-promoted Captain Pittarelli. Command was transferred to Captain J.M. Olson in early 2292

Around 2292-2293, Riverside was taken out of active service and relegated as a training vessel.  Later in that decade, the ship was officially decommissioned.

Marine Strike Group[]

The 809th Marine Strike Group, nicknamed "The Arctic Wolves", was embarked on Riverside during much of its operational lifetime.


USS Riverside

A new 24th-century iteration of the ship, USS Riverside (NCC-74309), was commanded by J.M. Olson of the Lobo Group.

The Starfleet Region Six website still had NCC-1660 listed, as of 2021. 

Fan organizations[]

Riverside was the name of a Starfleet International chapter based in Riverside, Iowa. It was formally established as a chapter on 28 January 2007, but disbanded around 2010.  The group was primarily an online chapter but met in person annually at the Trek Fest celebration held in Riverside.

The fictional starship and chapter were named after the birthplace of James T. Kirk.

Members from the USS Saint George decided to widen the scope and broaden the recruiting efforts and started their own ship in 2006.  USS St. George and USS Riverside were closely connected to each other: Riverside started as a shuttle (i.e., chapter-in-training) of the Saint George.

Riverside's first command crew consisted of Captain J. Schulte and First Officer Arps. The XO position changed hands several times. After a split in ship dynamics, USS Vre'Kasht (NCC-33187) was started as rebel Vulcan detachment. The ship was decommissioned by STARFLEET and the USS Riverside (NCC-74309) is currently listed on the Starfleet International website.

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