The bridge of the USS Ross

The USS Ross (NX-76710) was the lead vessel of the Ross-class line of Federation starships. She was launched in 2381 under the command of Captain Azeri Sull and assigned to the Shackleton Expanse. (Clear Skies)

The mission of the Ross was a pet project of Admiral Naulis Rhee, who believed that in the years since the Dominion War, Starfleet needed to return to its missions of exploration and diplomacy. Furthermore, Ree believed that since the Federation's founding, humans and Vulcans had been the most common "faces" of Starfleet shown to the rest of the galaxy, especially in leadership and command positions, and that it was time to present a more diverse view of the fleet. To that end, the crew of the Ross was intentionally bio-diverse, following in the footsteps of the USS Titan, launched in 2379 with a similar mandate. (Clear Skies: "Prototype", Star Trek: Titan: Taking Wing)

While most Galaxy-class starships, of which the Ross class was a variant, held standard crews of around 1,000 individuals, the crew of the Ross numbered approximately 2,500, with many of those additional personnel dedicated to testing and developing the scientific and engineering advancements aboard the vessel.

As a prototype starship, the Ross served as a test-bed for a variety of innovations based on technologies discovered by the USS Voyager during her time spent in the Delta Quadrant. As such Admiral Kathryn Janeway also expressed interest in the vessel and her mission.

One of the technological advancements tested by the Ross was a secondary warp core in the ship's saucer section.

The diplomatic profile of the Ross was also greatly expanded. Two whole decks of the saucer section were restructured into a promenade that wrapped all the way around the ship's primary hull, designed to serve as ambassadorial quarters, and to support a variety of diplomatic functions.

The ship's Master Systems Display

An aft view of the USS Ross in orbit

The Ross also featured a Cetacean Operations department, which had not been standard on most comparable Starfleet vessels for over a decade. The aquatic environment support systems were extensively integrated throughout the ship. (Clear Skies: "Prologue")

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