USS Saipan is a board-based German RPG divided into three sections: the USS Saipan, transwarp flagship of the Federation, Ch'Rihan - the Romulan Senate, and the mirror universe.


The USS Saipan RPG was founded in 2002 by a group of German Star Trek fans and RPG writers and has expanded into a universe with a lot of background information about fictional political, economical and social groups, enterprises and technology. It uses ideas not only from the Star Trek series, but also from many Star Trek novels and other science-fiction worlds, and is scientific and diplomatic orientated rather than telling war stories.


Initially the USS Saipan started in the year 2382. A spacetime incident later displaced the ship in the year 2415, and the actual background time is 2419. The Federation ratified an alliance-treaty with the Romulans in 2388, which is still holding; there are exchange programs and common ships in the fleet. On the other hand the Federation of the USS Saipan's universe has an uneasy cease-fire with the Klingon Empire.


Primarily the known Star Trek technologies, such as transporters, warp drive, are in use. The ship itself is equipped with transwarp drive, uses holographic workstations and neural interfaces. The ship's design is a development called Prokyon-class, which can be separated into three distinctive parts: main core, saucer section and science platform.


Saipan uniforms


Uniforms are slightly modified from known Starfleet standards.

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