The USS Serendipity (NX-259074) is a Prometheus-class starship long-range tactical battlecruiser and advanced escort vessel. It was the first starship of its kind, capable of traveling upwards of Warp 12 (according to the MCU). It was launched in 2402 on stardate 79475.38 from Earth Space Dock under the command of Captain James O'Brian and authorization of Admiral Jorel Quinn, the Trill commanding officer of the station. (Star Trek: Rebellion)

The Serendipity is one of the most advanced Starfleet vessels in service as of its launch in the early 25th century. The Serendipity didn't undergo much testing before being sent to Captain O'Brian in the beta quadrant in response to a communication from the ship he was on, the USS Voyager.

Star Fleet scientists and engineers were confident about the stability of the modified spore drive that she had. Star Fleet had been making many attempts at a better fighting ship and had been working on the multi-vector assault mode that was pioneered by the USS Prometheus. All its features, as well as the introduction of technology from other races, have been brought into a mixing pot and put together for use by one of Star Fleet's finest. It was meant to have a crew of around thirty people as its systems were very functional on their own.

Regenerative armor, a hull made of duranium/tritanium alloy, and a highly advanced shield of unknown technology, are part of the Serendipity's advanced protection system. It also featured ablative generators, allowing it to have ablative hull armor seen on the Starfleet Command shuttlecraft SC-4. It also sports a class XIII phaser array, a large regiment of quantum torpedoes, and many classified weapons, including an aft array adapted from Borg technology.

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