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The USS Shark (NCC-64332) was a Nova-class Federation starship in the late 24th century commanded by Captain Jet, a skeptical and arrogant officer who had somewhat of an inkling on the truth of the Phoenix-X. On several occasions, Jet used the Shark in his efforts to exploit the Phoenix-X. The Shark was part of Task Force Zeta, attached to Starbase 78. (Star Trek: Phoenix-X: "Loyalties, Part I", "Mosquito", "Spider Agencies, Part I", "Into Harshness")


In 2410, the Shark and several other Starfleet ships were knocked into another plain of existence by the USS Crucial. The realm was created by the Zalkonians to foster their young. The Shark was later ejected and sent back to normal space. ("Someone to Remember Them By")

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Background information[]

  • The screen shot used for the USS Shark was taken from Star Trek Online, where player ship registries aren't allowed to be lower than NCC-90000, therefore the registry is shown as NCC-94332 in the image.