The USS Sheffield (NCC-1976) was a Miranda-class cruiser that saw service with the Federation Starfleet during the 24th century.

Sheffield 's commanding officer was Captain Nathaniel Hawkins, beginning in 2312. (Star Trek: The Interim Years)

Sheffield Officers and Crew[edit | edit source]

Command Division[edit | edit source]

Tactical Department[edit | edit source]

Helm and Navigation Department[edit | edit source]

Sciences Division[edit | edit source]

  • Lieutenant Ieuan Griffiths - chief geologist

Security Division[edit | edit source]

Engineering Division[edit | edit source]

Communications Division[edit | edit source]

  • Lieutenant Junior Grade Tissiah Sh'Chyllar - communications officer

Medical Division[edit | edit source]

Special Services Division[edit | edit source]

  • Lieutenant Commander Jirras - chief special services officer
  • Lieutenant Junior Grade Rebecca Lawrence-Beaufort - special services officer
  • Crewman 1st Class Mustafa Gazi - captain's steward

Judge Advocate General[edit | edit source]

  • Lieutenant Krrurr - judge advocate general officer

Flight Department[edit | edit source]

  • Lieutenant Henrik Kyrre - senior flight officer
  • Chief Petty Officer Dusana Kvesic - departmental coordinator

Background[edit | edit source]

The Sheffield was named after the town of Sheffield, Yorkshire, in England, on Earth, as well as the World War II Town-class cruiser HMS Sheffield (C24) and the Falklands War Type 42 guided-missile destroyer HMS Sheffield (D80).

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