Star Trek Expanded Universe

The USS Silverlight (NCC-72357) was a Nova-class science vessel in service during the late 24th century. She was launched in 2372.

Under the command of Captain Simon Williams, Silverlight's first mission was a planetary survey in the Beta Quadrant. Commander Jordan Dennis served as the ship's executive officer.

The Silverlight was ten weeks away from Deep Space 4 when Admiral James Leyton staged his coup on Earth and sparked the Federation Civil War. Understanding that one Nova-class vessel would make little difference in the conflict, the captain decided to continue with their mission and await further developments.

When Deep Space 9 was destroyed and it seemed the conflict was turning against the "patriots," Commander Dennis advocated a return to Federation space. Captain Williams agreed and the Silverlight joined up with the patriot fleet in July 2373. Silverlight saw action during the last six months of conflict, and participated in Operation Return in early 2374. (Star Trek: Pendragon: "Wounded Soldiers", "Lighthouse In a Sea of Stars")