Star Trek Expanded Universe

The USS Sojourner was assigned to the Lakesh colony in early 2376.

Command Crew[]

  • Commanding Officer: Commander Taun'Ma (Saurian female)
  • Science officer: Ensign Rainert
  • Operations Officer: Albert Villalobos
  • Helm: Lieutenant S'von
  • Total Crew: 42

The Sneak Attack[]

Sojourner had been in orbit of Lakesh for less than a week. She was woefully ill-suited to the emergency aid assignment to which it had been tasked. Nearly half of the crew were planet-side, assisting with a water purification project.

The shuttle Aberly vectored for final approach to the ship's shuttle bay. It was returning with two seriously ill Cardassian civilians in need of immediate medical care aboard Sojourner. The shuttle suddenly accelerated and veered, crashing directly into the ship's port warp nacelle. The resulting impact and explosion sheared away from the forward third of the nacelle.

In addition to the shuttle crash, three gravitic mines disguised as meteors exploded near the damaged ship. The first detonated and exposed main engineering to open space. The second mine obliterated the main bridge. The last of the three detonated just aft of the ship, shredding the nacelles and punching through the shuttle bay doors.

The starship Phoenix arrived just moments later, her scans revealing only eight life signs left aboard the smaller ship. The crew of the Phoenix made repairs to major systems, but left the Sojourner in orbit.

The Final Run[]

Captain Sandhurst of the USS Gibraltar accessed Sojourner's command codes. The Nova-class ship could still move under partial impulse power. He sent the starship on her final mission; to valiantly defend her older sister.

The Sojourner was sent on a collision course with Gul Panor's ship, the Vintar. The Sojourner and the Vintar were destroyed in the impact.