The USS Sovereign (NCC-2505) was a Belknap-class strike cruiser on active duty in Star Fleet during the late 23rd century. She was commissioned on 29 July, 2278 (after being laid down at Boston Shipyards on Earth 17 November, 2276, and launched on 4 December, 2277).

In the 2280s, the Sovereign had its home port in Sub-Quadrant 2 south at the Bekkaas Installation until 7 February 2289, when it changed to operational control of Starbase 12 in Quadrant Zero. From 23 February until 11 March of 2289, the Sovereign participated in an exercise called Prime Determination, and then went on to another exercise focusing on independent operation readiness for 17 days.

After a port visit to Aj Kasij at Coridan IV, USS Sovereign departed on 29 April in the company of the frigates USS Haruna and USS Soryu, and the destroyer USS Hashishiyun for operations near Alpha Eridani.(Ships of the Star Fleet, vol. 1 [revised])

In the late 2280s, the Sovereign was under the command of Kyra Songseer, who was Caitian, and whose granddaughter, Siandierra Anjulee Beautelier, was destined to command the sixth starship so named, the USS Sovereign (NCC-75000), in the 2370s. (Starfleet International)

The Sovereign was transferred into the Seventh Fleet of Star Fleet under the command of Captain Michael Marinelli in July of 2290. More than four years later, the ship would be part of the task force which destroyed the energy creature that attacked Starbase 29. (Star Trek: Avenger: "Aftermath")

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