USS Thagard (NCC-652) was a Gagarin-class science scout, then an Oberth-class science vessel, active in the 23rd and early 24th centuries. (Star Trek: Thagard: A History of the USS Thagard)

As an Oberth-class science vessel, Thagard was upgraded and relaunched from the Thuruthelf Shipyards orbiting Andor. It completed trials on stardate 9585.02 (Earth date 2290) and was commissioned to the Seventh Fleet on Stardate 9622.1.

Her commanding officers included: T'Cari (2290-?), Saul Abraham, John Baldwin, Alexandra German (?-2296), Matthew Black, Kris T. Klufas and David Reed.

23rd centuryEdit

In 2292 (ca. stardate 9622), Thagard concluded a two-year survey of the Mockmuhl globular cluster.

On stardate 9832, Thagard 's science staff performed a mass spectrometry analysis of the Galactic barrier.

While exploring the Narvel Cluster, Thagard encountered what its science teams believed might be an example of Hoyle's Life-Migration Theory in action. (Star Trek: Avenger: "Aftermath")

Thagard was at Starbase 7 in late-October 2294 following the attack on Starbase 29. ("Aftermath")

In the fall of 2300, several starships and Starfleet facilities — such as USS Avenger, USS Malverne and USS Sovereign — sent delegations to a celebration of the Thagard 's 10th anniversary in continuous service.

24th centuryEdit

Thagard was on a mission between the galactic arms in June, 2304. (Star Trek: Avenger: "To Everything There is a Season")

In 2311, the Thagard was pursued by a Romulan Whitewind-class cruiser but narrowly escaped. She later participated in the search for survivors in the aftermath of the Tomed Incident.

Starfleet Marines contingentEdit

The 701st Marine Strike Group ("HellRazors") was embarked aboard Thagard.

Background informationEdit

Thagard was named after the American astronaut Norman Thagard.

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