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The USS Triton (NCC-2529) was a Federation Excelsior-class explorer in service during at least the early 24th century.

Triton was commanded by Commodore Eugene Alwine. (Starship Tristan: "Repercussions (Part 1)"; Starship Triton: "A Gathering Storm", "New Orders", "The Crown Jewels of Xantharus", "Confrontations")

In 2304, Triton was one of the ships based at Starbase 211 that wished the USS Webster well on its maiden voyage. ("Launch")

Triton Officers and Crew[]

Command Division[]

Tactical Department[]

Helm and Navigation Department[]

Sciences Division[]

Security Division[]

  • Lieutenant Commander Rustikof - chief of security ("Confrontations")

Engineering Division[]

Communications Division[]

Medical Division[]

Embarked vessels[]

Triton had at least one shuttlecraft, named T'Plana-Hath.

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