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USS Valiant was a Constitution-class heavy cruiser in service during the late 23rd century. (Star Fleet Technical Manual)

The SFTM has NCC-1709 as the registry, while Greg Jein had NCC-1623.
In some fan continuities, this Valiant was the ship destroyed at Eminiar VII. The class and registry of that vessel, which was destroyed "fifty years ago", i.e., 2217, was not revealed in the episode TOS: "A Taste of Armageddon".

Alternate continuities[]

Avalon Universe[]

In the 2260s, Captain Lance Ramirez was posted as commanding officer of the Valiant; Ramirez would relinquish his command due to circumstances yet unrevealed. (Avalon Lost)

It was also Jamie Archer's first deep-space posting. (Air and Darkness)

The ship was said to have been named after two starships named Valiant: SS Valiant and the ship destroyed at Eminiar VII. (Air and Darkness)

Starship Valiant[]

In this continuity, Valiant's registry was NCC-1707.

Captain Clark was a commanding officer of the Valiant until his death during an engagement with ships of the Suculon Empire in the late 2260s. (Starship Valiant: Legacy, Crosses to Bear) Dr. Roger Floyd was the ship's chief medical officer, and Erick Minard was the chief engineer. (Legacy, Crosses to Bear, Animals)

Signed Starship Valiant: Legacy composite photo

Jackson K. Bishop, the former executive officer, succeeded Clark as captain. (Legacy, Penpals) Valiant had aft phaser banks, and at least one rear-firing photon torpedo tube. (Animals)

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The USS Valiant (NCC-1709) was also a chapter of Starfleet International, based in Rochester, New York, c. 1995. (Communiqué 68, 69, 72, 73, 76)

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