The USS Valkyrie (NCC-2590) was a Federation Constellation-class medium cruiser starship commissioned in 2294 and still in service to Starfleet in the late 24th century.

The USS Stargazer model was repainted and labeled the Valkyrie for display in Star Trek: The Experience and other displays.

Valkyrie 's construction contract, NCC-2590, was ordered in 2288. (Orion Press: Constellation-class specifications)

The Valkyrie was constructed at and launched from Copernicus Ship Yards, Luna. She was to have been commanded by Captain Lorraine Wilcox, but shortly before the launch, she was on-board a transport ship near the Metreka Nebula that was attacked and destroyed by Orion pirates. On short notice, Captain Edward Stanfield was transferred from the USS Saratoga to the Valkyrie as her new commander. (Star Trek: Valkyrie: "New Command")

Valkyrie was one of four starships that rescued the survivors of the USS Potemkin after it was destroyed by Romulan forces in 2299. (Project Potemkin: Destinies)

In 2304, Valkyrie was one of the ships based at Starbase 211 that wished the USS Webster well on its maiden voyage. (Launch)

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