USS Valley Forge (NCC-1698) was a Constitution-class heavy cruiser active in the 23rd century. (Star Trek: Avenger)

In 2286, Valley Forge was commanded by Captain Richard Harrington, who had attended Starfleet Academy with Alexander Rosenzweig, commanding officer (2285-00) of USS Avenger.

Andreas Kitabatu al-'Qalb was assigned to Valley Forge in 2286 as assistant science officer with the rank of lieutenant. The following year, he was promoted to lieutenant commander and repositioned as chief science officer, succeeding Cmdr. Yekaterina Heslova, who was promoted and transferred to command of the light cruiser USS Aceh. (Star Trek: Shadowstar Station: Timeline)

Sophea Bennington-Fox served on a refitted version of the Valley Forge in the late 2270's. (The Lexington Adventures)

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