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USS Vespertine is an independent Star Trek play-by-email sim. The sim follows the adventures of the USS Vespertine, an Intrepid-class starship, and her crew in the year 2389.


Two years after the Hobus supernova resulted in the destruction of Romulus and Remus, the fallen Romulan Star Empire is more fractured than ever. The surviving colonies have failed to agree on a successor to lead the empire, resulting in various factions vying for the role of leadership. This has complicated relief efforts spearheaded by Starfleet as several Romulan colonies outright refuse Federation assistance, some even viewing them as blood enemies. To make matters worse, the Klingon Empire has begun to expand its territory into Romulan space, annexing the weakened colonies along its borders.

The USS Vespertine is one of many vessels assigned to assist in relief efforts along the Romulan front. Under the new command of Captain Fala Beldaren, the Vespertine’s latest assignment is to oversee the relocation of a group of Romulan refugees who were supportive of the late Ambassador Spock’s Unificationist movement.

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