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Brief history[edit | edit source]

Originally commissioned in the year 2299, the USS Vincennes (NCC-1954) (Starship Vincennes) was a first-generation Miranda-class cruiser that incorporated the distinctive roll bar. The Vincennes saw heavy service in the alpha quadrant from 2299 to 2309 under the leadership of Captain Arthur Brandenburg. Her second Commander, Captain James S. Thurston, was at her helm until 2321, when the ship was decommissioned. The Vincennes was saved from the scrap yards that same year by her former commander, then Admiral Brandenburg.

After an extensive refit, she served as a training vessel for Starfleet Academy for the next ten years. In 2331, the Vincennes was finally retired to the Utopia Planetia shipyards where some of her systems we used to maintain other fleet ships, while most of her older technology was sold to the private sector.

In 2346, Starfleet’s Division of Science and Technology was looking for a small durable ship and retrieved the Vincennes’ gutted hull to use as a testing ground for newly developed technologies. Systems integrated into her new design would lead to the development of several systems used in both the Intrepid-class and Prometheus-class designs. She was the first ship in Starfleet to incorporate biomechanical technologies. Her class designation was then changed to a Miranda class E new heavy command cruiser. No one is sure whether it was nostalgia or the need for extra room that lead to the decision to keep the roll bar and top-mounted photon torpedoes. The Vincennes' new weapon systems included quantum/photon torpedo launchers X 4 (2 forward and 2 aft), 2 missile racks, 10 type-I phaser banks, and two type-III phaser cannons. The ship's defensive systems include multiphase shield generators with selective force-field reinforcement, and ablative armor plating with auto-regeneration capability, some of the many advancements of biotechnologies.

Since her advanced technology made her a valuable servant to Starfleet, the Vincennes was still in service in the year 2368 under the command of Captain Aubin Lee Doran.

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