The USS Vulture (NCC-14330) was an Defiant-class exploration cruiser in service during the Dominion War, with Captain Victor Mandrake as her commanding officer. (Star Trek: Pioneer)

Dominion WarEdit

Operation ReturnEdit

The Vulture participated in Operation Return. During the course of the battle, the ship took a direct hit, causing an explosion in engineering, which resulted in the death of the ship's chief engineer. Captain Mandrake promoted the junior engineer Ensign Carmen Gomez to a field promotion of Lieutenant and made her the ship's new chief engineer. After the battle, Starfleet Command upheld the promotion. ("Stranded")


In 2375, before the end of the war, the Vulture disappeared. Starfleet considered the ship and crew causalities of war. It was later discovered that the Tealuians had something to do with the starship's disappearance.


In 2380 the Vulture reappeared in the Great Barrier Rift, located at the edge of the Oralian sector. Mandrake and the crew made contact with Captain Benjamin Kelsoe and the USS Pioneer. Mandrake and his crew then tried to takeover the Pioneer. With help from Gomez, who was friends with Joanna Withrome, the Pioneer's chief engineer, Kelsoe and his crew were able to thwart Mandrake's coup. ("Mandrake's Stand")


After the ship was recovered by Starfleet, and the majority of her crew were court martialed for mutiny and piracy, Starfleet Command decommissioned the Vulture, and dismantled the ship. ("Jump")


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