The USS Wildfire (NCC-33467) was a Ambassador-class starship that saw duty during the Dominion War and its immediate aftermath.

The Wildfire was decommissioned and placed in reserves some time prior to 2375. Three weeks prior to Stardate 52096.8, Wildfire was reactivated for service and received a through modernization. She was assigned to the 10th squadron of the Fifth Fleet and placed under the temporary command of newly promoted squadron captain Patrick Ingrum. Captain Ingrum's regular command, the USS Baldwin, was in spacedock for a two week refit.

Wildfire, along with the rest of the 10th Squadron, participated in a battle to retake Betazed. Commander Amanda Stacey served as executive officer for this mission, having transferred from the USS Ellsworth to supervise the refit, and was the only certified duty officer. Patrick's sister Anna served as flight controller. When Patrick left Wildfire to return to Baldwin, he left Amanda in command. (USS Baldwin: "Determined Warrior")

One of the first missions under her command was a covert mission that discovered a fleet of enemy vessels hiding in wait to attack. (USS Baldwin: "Danger Zone")

Wildfire Phaser Signal

Neosho signals Wildfire its location using its phasers.

When the USS Neosho, with Patrick aboard, was force to make a crash landing, Wildfire was the closet ship, and subsequently rescued Patrick. (USS Baldwin: "Healing Link")

Wildfire was also the ship that tested the Breen weapon so that Starfleet could come up with a effective countermeasure ((USS Baldwin: "Resolution")

At the end of the Dominion War, Wildfire ran supplies to Cardassian worlds as part of the Federation's effort to rebuild the Cardassian infrastructure. The supply run was interrupted when Admiral Ross ordered Wildfire to the Neutral Zone to pick up a passenger, Ambassador Spock and take him to Earth. (USS Baldwin: "Good Will")

By 2376, Wildfire was sent to study warp currents when she was caught up by a subspace shock wave. (USS Baldwin: "Blue Clear Sky")

In 2377, Wildfire towed Baldwin to Starbase 42 when Baldwin became disabled due to a warp core malfunction. (USS Baldwin: "Frontiers", "Escape")

In 2378, Wildfire participated in a mission to recover the USS Winchester and rescue her crew. (USS Baldwin: "That Kind of Day")



The Wildfire first appears in the USS Baldwin story "Determined Warrior." The title of the story is in homage to the USS Cole. "Determined Warrior" is one of the Cole's mottos. The registry number is a reference to the Cole's hull number, DDG-67.

Wildfire was named for the titular horse in Michael Martin Murphey's song "Wildfire," from his 1976 album Blue Sky, Night Thunder, and also the 1986 cartoon series, which featured DS9 veteran Rene Auberjonois. Although "Determined Warrior" was written prior to the 2005 TV series, that series was co-created by Michael Piller and featured Nana Visitor.

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