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The USS Yorktown (NCC-208) was the second Soyuz class built by Earth Starfleet and launched in 2155 as a prototype Battleship meant to fight the Romulan Star Empire.

Under Captain StilesEdit

Romulan wars
In March of 2156, under the command of Bill Stiles, the Yorktown discovered the remains of the USS Areas, an NX class ship. After which the crew was informed of the declaration of war with the Romulan attack on earth's first starbase at Tara Nova and ordered to proceed to the system. There they found Skon, a Vulcan, in an escape pod which was the sole survivor of the attack. In their pursuit of the Romulan fleet that destroyed the starbase, the Yorktown was ambushed by three Romulan ships. After destroying one enemy ship, Stiles ordered the ship to fall back. Shortly after their escape, the ship was crippled do to sabotage by an unknown agent.

Two weeks after the incident, the ship's chief engineer Lt. Cmdr. Tim Samuel took a shuttlecraft to Outpost Seven in search for parts. Once the Yorktown met up with Samuels, Stiles found that he had been attacked and interrogated by a rogue Starfleet ensign, Monica McDonald, who had been working for the Romulans.

Yorktown in dock

The Yorktown in spacedock

After the battle the Yorktown limped home for repairs. The ambush had many of the crew in need of R&R. UEN interviewed several of the crew, including Ensign Eric Simms and Ensign Ann Chambers on the events of the battle. Captain Stiles, however, was given blame for the 13 crewmen killed in the ambush. The captain was placed on trial in which Admiral Black questioned him and his crew. The Admiral dropped Stile's charges after news of another attack. After the Trial Stiles promoted Lt. Elizabeth Cutler to his first officer.
Romulan war battle
Once the crew was back on the front lines Admiral Black sent the Yorktown to investigate a squadron of Starfleet ships that had gone missing. Once there they found the debris of the fleet leftover from not only the Starfleet ships but also a Romulan ship that used its self destruct to destroy the fleet. However, Another Romulan ship was found, and Captain Stiles decided to chance going onto the wreck to get intel about the Romulans. Cutler, Simms, and Skon went aboard the Romulan ship via shuttlecraft; they found no survivors. After finding a booby trap the landing party returned to the Yorktown, Stiles was able to use grappling hooks to the shuttle and pull it to warp before the explosion of the Romulan ship. The Yorktown lost the shuttle but was able to find them just in time as they saw another Romulan ship was on the approach.
(Star Trek: The Romulan Wars)

Command CrewEdit

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