Star Trek Expanded Universe

Unara Ivos was the First Officer, in charge of all personnel functions on the USS Enterprise , and as such, she is the ship’s number two ranking officer. Unara was also the Head of Security, She was proficient in all areas of combat and weaponry and solid officer.


Unara is a native of the planet Andoria and had worked hard to gain the respect of Calvin Mercer because his father had served with her father. Unara was 1/4th Aenar which gave her unique telepathic abilities, Andorians do not show emotions in the same way that humans do, Unara showed many of her feelings through her antennae, which also acted as an added pair of eyes, giving them quadriscopic vision, thus higher depth perception, they served also as unidirectional ears effective from infrasonic to ultrasonic ranges. Because most of her emotions do not naturally appear through her rigid facial muscles, Unara worked to mimic those of her fellow crew members and an attempt to fit in.


Unara was fascinated by human culture and emotions and actively pursued a study of them. She could occasionally be caught viewing a comedy or reading something that is supposed to be touching or amusing, struggling to display human responses. She’s responsible for matters of security and discipline both aboard the vessel and ashore, and was constantly training the crew to protect themselves. She was fiercely protective of both the Captain his ship and her crew mates. The Starfleet regulations manual is her idea of light reading: she knew it by heart and loved quoting it. In her free time, she practiced martial arts, boxing, weight lifting and other physical/fighting skills. She also enjoyed reading books on war and strategy flinch in the face of any enemy may be. She was known as a strict disciplinarian, requiring rigorous schedule and routine. Sarcasm was not her strong suit. she sayed exactly what she’s thinking, very straight and to the point, as with most Andorians. (Star Trek: Secret Voyage)