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The United Brittanian Fleet (UBF) was a Star Trek roleplaying game fleet based in the year 2409.

The United Britannian Fleet was commissioned as a full military fleet in 2400. A year after the peace treaty between the Klingons and the Federation dissolved. By the order of Starfleet and the Federation Command as a alternative style fleet for the galaxy. In which its primary mission of United Britannian Fleet is to provide security through out galaxy and in the Federation space.

The command Of the UBF is Fleet Admiral Merlin Cole and the Fleet Executive Officer is Admiral Kiril Jakimovski.

The UBF is made up of 12 Divisions:

  • Brittanian Diplomacy Division
  • Brittanian Stellar Cartography Division
  • Brittanian Research Division
  • Brittanian Intelligence Division
  • Brittanian Logistics Division
  • Brittanian Science Division
  • Brittanian Shipyards and Bases Division
  • Brittanian Tactical Armada
  • Judge Advocate General Corps
  • Brittanian Medic Services Division
  • Fleet Academy
  • Fleet Command

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