This page lists incidental persons and beings from the United Trek fan fiction universe. Each of the following entries is specific to that continuity and may be separated into individual articles as more information becomes available.

Key FiguresEdit

  • United Federation of Planets President Norah Satie (2377-)
  • United Federation of Planets President Martin Santiago (2373-2376)
  • Starfleet Commander-in-Chief Quinerzos

The Star Eagle AdventuresEdit

Star Trek: GibraltarEdit

  • Pell Ojana - A Bajoran, Ojana is currently serving as Diplomatic Officer on board the USS Gibraltar. She is also, as of 2376, involved in a romantic relationship with Captain Donald Sandhurst.
  • Lieutenant JG Issara Taiee - A nurse, Lieutenant Taiee serves as the Chief Medical Officer. Besides serving as the ranking medical officer on board the ship, the lieutenant also serves as the unofficial morale officer.

Star Trek: Tales of the USS BluefinEdit

Star Trek: SutherlandEdit

Starfleet PersonnelEdit

  • Captain, Retired, Phillip Shelby - The father of Captain Elizabeth Shelby, in 2374, Captain Shelby is running for a seat on the Terran Senate and is estranged from his daughter.
  • Captain Erika Benteen - Former lover of Elizabeth Shelby, Captain Benteen was also an aide to Admiral Leyton. In 2373, she was given command of USS Lakota during the events of Leyton's coup attempt. Following the suppression of the coup, Captain Benteen turned state's evidence at the trial of the Admiral Leyton and his conspirators, receiving in return a reduction in rank and light sentence. (Star Trek: Sutherland|Messages from Earth: Picking up the Pieces)
  • Ensign Angela "Treasure" Barrows - An engineering officer on board the Sutherland, Ensign Barrows earned her nickname due to her ample chest. Born on the colony world of Northstar, Barrows speaks with a pronounced Southwestern US accent and, besides being a crackerjack engineer, she enjoys dancing and parties.
  • Ensign Candace "Candy" Johnson - A science officer on the Sutherland, Ensign Johnson is frequently seen off duty in the company of Ensign Burrows and Cadet Atris Nylysa. Like her companions, Candy loves nothing more than a good party and is frequently seen off duty wearing fringed dresses.
  • Cadet Atris Nylysa - A Troyian, Cadet Nylysa is currently performing her cadet cruise on board the Sutherland thanks to the influence of Captain Shelby.


  • Ambassador Ralph Offenhouse - A twenty-first century businessman, Mr. Offenhouse was cryogenically frozen immediately after death and then placed in storage on an orbiting space station until such time as his condition could be cured. Due to unknown circumstances, the craft carrying his body, along with the bodies of other individuals similarly frozen, was carried off into interstellar space where it was discovered by the USS Enterprise-D. Revived along with two other individuals, Mr. Offenhouse was eventually returned to Earth. (TNG: Neutral Zone) Soon after returning home, Mr. Offenhouse, seeking a challenge, chose to enter the diplomatic service where he quickly rose to ambassadorial status. In 2372, he was sent to Ekos to evaluate whether that planet should be admitted into the Federation as a full member. Unfortunately, he was kidnapped by terrorists along with Captain Shelby, Professor Ledron Davin, and Lieutenant Anara Rysyl. Later rescued, Ambassador Offenhouse, viewing his mission a failure, was forced to report that Ekos was not currently ready for admission. (Unraveling Forceful Patterns)
  • Professor Ledron Davin - Retired professor of aesthetics and philosophy at Starfleet Academy, Professor Davin was a mentor to both Captain Shelby and Commander Hobson. A native of the planet Zeon, the professor was invited to participate in the ceremonies that were to mark the entry of Ekos into the Federation. Captured, along with Captain Shelby and Ambassador Offenhouse, by Nazi terrorists, Professor Davin was executed by the terrorists as an enemy of the Ekosian people.
  • Anna Shelby - daughter of Aliz Bathory, Anna is Elizabeth Shelby's mother.
  • Jason Phillips - A musician, Jason shares a New Greenwich Village apartment with Sandy Moore and is a casual lover of Elizabeth Shelby's.
  • Sandy Moore - A sculptor, Sandy and Jason live together in a New Greenwich Village apartment and is also a casual lover of Elizabeth Shelby's.
  • Teresa Django - Owns an hotel near Sao Paulo, Brazil, Teresa is Ensign Django's mother.
  • Melody Lavelle - Sister of Sam Lavelle's, Melody is currently living in Toronto.
  • Patricia Lavelle - Sister of Sam Lavelle's, Patricia is also living in Toronto.

Star Trek: IndependenceEdit

Starfleet PersonnelEdit


Foreign NationalsEdit

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